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The Brain Seminar







A seminar on the brain and how we, as followers of Jesus, can and ought to use it.  This seminar is largely influenced by theories of neuro plasticity.  Roger Vieth, the guest lecturer, is a retired, widely respected neuro surgeon.  The videos and audio files are available below as well as a link to lecture from Dr. Seigel, who wrote a book entitled, Mind Sight.


Brain Seminar Video (or Audio).

Brain Seminar Q&A Video (or Audio).

Mindsight Lecture from Dr. Seigel.

Click here to download the Q&A from the lecture in VIDEO or AUDIO.



Hell: a conversation about the Biblical perspective (incomplete video)

Jason Leonard

The video for this is incomplete.  We’ve included the powerpoint slides and the handout to help further your processing on the Biblical perspective of this topic.

Handout Explaining Concepts, Definitions & Bible Usage of Words describing Hell HERE

Powerpoint Slides HERE

Download Audio HERE

Download Video HERE



Jason Leonard

A seminar on doubt: we all have it and what we’re supposed to do with it.

Download Audio (.mp3)

Download Video (.mp4)

What Was God Thinking?! (a conversation about sex)

What Was God Thinking?!

a conversation about sex

Jason Leonard

October 20, 2010

video | Download

audio | Download